Hellenica - They Are Out For Blood (English version)

It took me so long to write again on this blog that I really needed to restart with something fresh and... Worth it. Good news, Hellenica just complies with all requirements. Western-like haunted intrumental music is still ermerging from Montreal, for the best.

On one hand, Ennio Morriconne ; on the other end, impressions from early Constellation records and GY!BE performances : such a summary, though a little limited, should get your attention. In fact, Hellenica's music can really be described by impressions, even (geo)graphically, so that everyone can put their own words on it. Your narrator's very own vision gets back to Montreal (from where Jim Demos comes from) just across Mile End, in a time when it looked to me like a Wild-West-designed neighborhood, for no other reason than this strange feeling left by the Avenue Du Parc buildings. At this time, Godspeed played at Rialto Theatre, the most classy saloon we could ever dream of. Once combined Montreal's finest music with Wild West and "western" references re-located in Quebec's biggest city, this is what They Are Out For Blood made me think about, in a very personal way.

As if this description needed to get even a little sharper, the orthodox chants evoke the Greek-orthodox community which took place in the neighborhood ; the reference roots even more in this dreamed Mile End landcape when remembering one of the most impressive buildings of the area, the so particular byzantine-styled church of St Michael and St Anthony.

In red, the Rialto Theatre, on Mile End

Well, this article doesn't mean to introduce some tourist view of the city... But the visual translation of a very personal listening converted music into this, at every listening of the 3-track recording. To go further, minimal instrumentation and great inspiration led to some unique music, fulfilled with wind, landscapes and some sense of drama that can take listeners wherever they want to. Sweet melancholy and well shaped melodies merge perfectly, to remind Ennio Morricone, GY!BE, Set Fire To Flames and more, like Neil Young's Dead Man soundtrack at some moments. Perfect when needing to consider music as a travel, which should be quite often.

Hellenica, They Are Out For Blood, 2012, demo

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